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The simple things in life.

The essentials of a great application.  Get started with a form of your choice and add users as you need them.

 Billed Annually
 $8 Per User Per Month
 1 Form Included*4
 Data Export Function
 Company Admin
 Available on App Store
 Available on Google Play



Moving up in the world.

Provides the features you need to manage a Project. Users are included to make things happen and we give you a little something to start adding data.  What you need to get the ball rolling.

 Billed Annually
 5 Users Included
 $7 Per User p/Month Thereafter
 2 Forms Included*4
 Notifiable Users Component*1
 Additional Forms 10% off*2
 Unlimited Storage*3
 Available On App Store
Available On Google Play



Now we’re talking.

Full features and the users to match.  The ability to manage 1 or more projects and provide you with the tools you need to make a difference.  Capture, Store and Retrieve information.

 Billed Annually
 10 Users Included
 $6 Per User p/Month Thereafter
 Select any 3 Forms*4
 Search Form Function
 Data Export Function
 Company Admin
 Send Document Function
 Manage Projects
 Notifiable Users Component*1
 Additional Forms 15% Off*2
 Unlimited Storage*3
 All Features Available
 Available On App Store
 Available On Google Play


  1. Notifiable Users Component – Available when user type is purchased
  2. Additional Form Purchases – Discount shown is only valid for forms purchased within the first 3 months of subscription
  3. Unlimited Storage – Fair use policy applies
  4. Selection of Forms are only from our Available Standard Range

All prices are plus GST.

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